Friday, 11 March 2011

Purple baby hat

Yarn: baby wool or any other yarn you might want to use
Needles: use needles that matches the yarn

Hook: same size as the needles

1. CO 96 st.

2. Knit 2 cm of k2, p2

3. Put a marker at the start of the round, k48, put in another marker

4. k2, purl 2 together, *k2, p2* until 2 st before the marker, purl 2 together, (marker), k2, purl 2 together, *k2, p2* until 2 st before marker, purl 2 together (marker)
5. *k2, p2* the entire round

6. Decrease like before, but make sure your decreases matches the pattern (I purl together or knit together, whatever looks best)
7. Knit one round of *k2, p2* between every round of decreases, until you have 8 st left

8. Either knit 1 cm with the 8 st, or pull a thread through the 8 stitches right away

Use a hook to make laces on each side of the hat (or knit an icord if you'd like)..

This is all written down in a hurry, so please keep in mind if there's anything strange going on in the pattern ;)

If you'd like a bigger hat: CO more stitches (needs to be divided on 4) or use thicker yarn!


Mereknits said...

Bea, this is the cutest hat. I love it. Thanks for sharing,

A Little Knit said...

Love the blog! Gorgeous hat, I have a lot of friends with little ones, will definitely add this to my 'to-do' list!!

Meira Shana said...

Dpns? or circular needles and join?

Hat is adorable ...

Might be good for charity knitting.

Alicia Fitzpatrick said...

This is so cute! What size is the pattern for?