Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Colourful cotton bag :)

Yarn: different kinds of cotton yarn (should be about the same gauge, though)
Hook: one that goes with the yarn. I used 3,5 mm


Ch 6, join to form a ring.

1. ch 3 to make first tremble, work 13 more tr in the ring; join with a sl to the top of the beginning (14 tr)

2. ch 3, make 2 tr in every tr from the last round(28 tr); join

3. ch 3, 2 tr in the next stitch, *1 tr in the next, 2 tr in the next* continue all the way around; join 4. ch 3, 1 tr in the next stitch, 2 tr in the next, *2 tr in the next 2 stiches, 2 tr in the next*; join
5. ch 3, 2 tr in the next 2 stitches, 2 tr in the next, *3 tr in the next 3 stitches, 2 tr in the next*; join
6. make 7 rounds of increasing in the same way

It should look like this.. :)
7. ch 3, make one tr in each tr all the way around (still using white yarn), but crochet only through the back loop. This makes an edge between the base and the body of the bag..
8. Keep repeating the last round (through both loops, though) until you have the hight that you want. Changing between different stitches (single crochet/double crochet/trebles, whatever they are called) gives you a chance to use most of your scrap yarn..

9. the shortest scraps can be used to make slip stitch rows after the bag is done (or you can use them on the handle)..

the finished bag..

10. I made the handle by crocheting a 85 cm long chain, which I crocheted trebles into
11. then I used different yarn and crocheted single crochet along both sides of the trebles. I keept doing this until the handle was wide enough (unclear? Look at the photos). Use small leftovers if you like..

I used an old buckle at the handle, and a small button that makes sure the handle stays on even if the buckle slips.. Brown yarn and some trebles was all I needed to make the buckle stay in place. I attached the handle on the other side of the bag, using lots of yarn and even some cross stitches (mostly for fun)..

It might be a good idea to put fabric inside the bag, and maybe a pocket or two? ;)


SkyChasr13 said...

Very cute, love the colors!

Mary Jane said...

Thanks for the pattern! The bag is awesome. What kind of cotton yarn do you use for your projects?

Bea said...

Thanks! :)

I use Bomull Sport from Gjestal, and different scraps with the same gauge..

Mary said...

This is adorable and the pattern looks easy enough for a beginner like me. Thank you!

Sonja said...

Love it!

Svana Valería said...

wow this is just wonderful ,thanks for the pattern

Lolly said...

I too love the color combination as well as the bag itself.

My favorite detail is the little cross stitches, though. Great touch!

Gamer Girl said...

Lovely bag, just 1 tip though, if you do a magic ring on the bottom it would make the bag bottom w/o a hole in it. :D

Kristi said...

This is a beautiful bag, and I just put it on my list of projects to try. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your hard work with all of us!

Claudia Dachary said...

LOVE IT! I want for me.

Annette Crooke said...

I was able to make a beach bag for myself out of tarn, using your awesome pattern as a guide. Thank you!
Here's the link to see my bag and blog.

ksb said...

I love this bag! But I'm having trouble. Can't get beyond #5 in the instructions because it won't lay flat (the bottom of the bag). It curls up. Can you give me any advice? I really want to make this bag. Thank you!

ksb said...

Please disregard my previous question. I found the answer to my flat circle problem here:

Thank you for sharing this great pattern!

Helen Moye said...

You are so talented. Thanks so much for sharing SMILE Helen